Biographie | Bernard Tychon

Prof. Bernard Tychon

Bernard Tychon is an agronomist with Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences. He is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Management of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Liege. Since 2017, he is also the director of the SPHERES Research Unit which includes 140 researchers.
For 22 years, he has been leading a research group in Agrometeorology. Topics studied in his group concern the relationship between agriculture and the physical environment. More specifically, the main activities are related to the needs and requirements of water, radiation, and temperature of crops and their associated diseases, at different latitudes, to predict the levels of agricultural production.
His research group contributed to the establishment of crop yield forecasting tools, operational warning systems for cereal diseases, and integrated water management tools in different countries. In addition to the international training he has conducted on these tools, Dr. Tychon recently created a spin-off company in precision farming.
He is a lecturer in agrometeorology, data processing and modelling, remote sensing and geographic information systems, and diffuse pollution. He has published more than 250 scientific papers (books, research reports, conference proceedings, national and international scientific journals).


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