Biographie | Said Hamdioui

Prof. Said Hamdioui

Dr. Hamdioui is currently Chair Professor on Dependable and Emerging Computer Technologies, Head of the Quantum and Computer Engineering department, and serving as Head of the Computer Engineering Laboratory (CE-Lab) of the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Cognitive-IC, a start-up focusing on hardware dependability solutions. Dr. Hamdioui received MSEE and Ph.D. degrees (both with honors) from TUDelft. Prior to joining TUDelft as a professor, Dr. Hamdioui spent over seven years within the industry sector, including the Microprocessor Products Group at Intel Corporation (California, USA), IP and Yield Group at Philips Semiconductors R&D (Crolles, France), and DSP design group at Philips/ NXP Semiconductors (Nijmegen, The Netherlands). His research focuses on two domains: emerging technologies and computing paradigms (including memristors for logic and storage, in-memory-computing, neuromorphic computing, low power HW architecture for edge AI, etc.), and hardware dependability (including Testability, Reliability, Hardware Security).  He is currently involved in different projects.


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