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M. Bock Clive

Dr. Clive H. Bock is a Research Plant Pathologist at the USDA-ARS, Byron, GA. Dr. Bock received a BA and MA in Botany from the University of Oxford, an MSc in Crop Production from the University of Bath, and a Ph.D. in Plant Disease Epidemiology from the University of Reading in the UK. He has worked on several plant pathosystems in tropical, subtropical, and temperate zones of the world (including the UK, Africa, Australia, and the USA), and has specifically worked on tree crop diseases since 2002 (including pecan, peach, and citrus). He has collaborated nationally and internationally with scientists on research aimed at improving disease management to provide more sustainable and competitive crop production. His current research is concerned primarily with aspects of the epidemiology, population biology, and management of pecan diseases, with specific emphasis on pecan scab (the most damaging disease of pecan). In addition, throughout his career, Dr. Bock has studied aspects of visual disease severity assessment to develop an improved understanding or error as a basis for improving estimation accuracy. He has been a PI and or co-PI on several grants, including multidisciplinary proposals involving several institutions. Dr. Bock maintains a close relationship with industry stakeholders (including conducting on-farm research) and the extension system to ensure the transmission of information and technology to the grower community. 


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