Biographie | Anne-Claude Romain

Prof. Anne-Claude Romain

Anne-Claude Romain studied chemistry and environmental sciences at the University of Liège (ULiege, Belgium), and obtained a PhD on the use of sensor arrays for environmental malodour monitoring (e-nose). She is founder of the spin-off Odometric (2008). Since January 2014, she is the head of the research group ”Sensing of Atmospheres and Monitoring” (SAM) in Arlon, Belgium. She gives lectures on atmospheric pollution, odour annoyance characterization, indoor air quality, environmental metrology and data treatment. She has authored/coauthored over 150 publications ( and is referee for about 10 international journals. She is member of scientific/technical committees (NOSE; ISOEN; ORBI), of international and national boards (CEN, national health council, ...). Odour pollution, indoor air quality and polluted atmospheres in general are her main areas of interest to develop new methods of monitoring : low cost gas sensors array, olfactometry, citizens’ participation, chemical analyses, multivariate data treatment. In 2017, she is appointed director of the AEC (Advanced Environmental Center) of the University of Liège. This center is specialised in environmental impact assessments.


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