Biographie | Anne-Katrin Mahlein

Prof. Anne-Katrin Mahlein

Professor, Dr. Anne-Katrin Mahlein is the Director of the Institute of Sugar Beet Research (IfZ) at the University of Göttingen.  She is a trained Phytopathologist and studied agriculture at the Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität, Bonn, Germany. She has been the Head of the Institute of Sugar Beet Research (IfZ) Göttingen, Germany, since 2017. She Studies plant-pathogen interactions and ways to visualize complex reactions going on inside plants, with optical sensors and digital technologies. At the IfZ, her team and she are responsible for developing innovative sugar beet cultivation practices. This considers all aspects of sugar beet and table sugar production, like yield and quality forming, and plant diseases and protection. For plant phenotyping, her team develops and uses modern machines, sensors, robots, analyzing tools, field, and laboratory studies. She is currently involved in the Cluster of Excellence “Phenorob” and leads the digital experimental field “Farmerspace”.


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